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Quickly locate and access your survey projects, duplicate projects and export your survey into many different available formats including PDF, Word, Text and HTML. Clicking column headers will sort the projects by the corresponding fields giving you the access you need.
Drill down into project specifics obtaining real-time data. This detailed view provides quick access to project progress, direct links to reports and dashboards and a shared project file repository. Reporting stats can be filtered and include: qualification rates, incidence rates and completion rates. Need to find a project quickly? Use the Tag option to organize projects and search.
Powerful search capabilities enable searching across and within projects with ease. Use the Refine Search menu to further filter your results. Easily search for projects by words, phrases, project type, content, tags, dates, user groups and much more. All searches can be saved and used in the future.
With just a few clicks, assign user permission levels with specific access based permissions. Quickly add teams of people to a project by creating one or more user groups.
Monitor real-time project progression when fielding. Track completion rates, terminates, quotas, drop-outs and email campaigns. Views can be split by a variety of metrics such as respondent source, device type, languages, OS, browser or a custom variable.
Access a comprehensive breakdown of terminate segments and the total number of respondents that have been terminated for each segment.
Track important distributions like demographics or concepts in real time. With the ability to modify quota limits, you don't have to edit your original survey or pause fielding. Easily set up alerts to notify when limits are reached.
Access up-to-the-minute results with real-time reporting. Review survey data and dissect it by various segments that you can save for team collaboration or personal use.
Quickly create nested or appended banners with just a few clicks. Fully customizable reporting banners can be based on any information that is part of the survey project.
Analyze results by changing bases, applying weighting and modifying stat testing groups, levels and type. Reporting banners can be filtered by a variety of standard attributes like date ranges and participant status, as well as by custom filters.
Tables are fully editable across all elements along with quick access to features such as per-table filtering, custom bases, dynamic sorting, threshold filtering, point-and-click nets and nested nets, as well as statistics.
Add a variety of chart types for a more intuitive analysis to each table. Charts can be exported to Excel and PowerPoint, as well as added to Saved Reports for live curated reports that can be shared.
View and edit participant records on an individual level. Responses can be easily filtered by multiple criteria, to support data cleaning and editing, either individually or in bulk.
Over 45+ different data export layouts and formats to fit your every need. Data map layout, labels and values can all be adjusted for additional flexibility.
Instantly share your visual story with key stakeholders. Access our one-click export to native PowerPoint with fully editable charts and tables.
Interactive visualization reporting with video chart overlay enabling you to analyze every second of a video that is evaluated.
Image Highlighter question type provides an intuitive heatmap reporting output for visual analysis.
Heatclick with OE question type captures selection along with sentiment and open-end responses.
Powerful data visualization with customizable dashboards and pre-defined layouts let you view trends over time and quickly share actionable insights across your organization. Scoring questions like Net Promoter Score (NPS), CSAT, OSAT, CES can be directly linked to open-end comments to make these KPIs come alive.
When you need to get more granular, flexible (or customized) filters enable you to drill as deep as you require, as well as an intuitive interface for filtering by predefined or custom date ranges.
The AI-powered engine analyses feedback and creates fixed categories to which it will attach meaningful themes. You have the ability to customize these algorithms to look for different themes within your data or apply company-wide KPIs.
When comments are parsed they are not oversimplified, rather they are translated into numerous independent categories, so you can see overall impact. For example, one text feedback could contain negatives for three sentences and positive for three sentences. All open-end survey questions are automatically translated to English to high degree of fidelity.
Quickly compare feedback side-by-side via point-click interface to identify differences between multiple sets of data.
Share live reporting insights with a single click. A single link for ease of sharing, paired with filtered results depending on who uses the link provides a truly curated experience for your stakeholders. Highly customizable with almost unlimited configuration options means that Dashboards are a flexible and powerful tool for summarizing your research.

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